Little Miss Blue Bass

Double Bass Player / Vocalist

Rip It Up Rock and Roll, Rockabilly Band UK

RIP IT UP - Rock and Roll / Rockabilly Band.


"RIP IT UP" are a 3 piece Live Band that play 1950's Rock and Roll, Rockabilly Music from Jive, Stroll to Rockabilly Boppers that we are sure your event guest will just love.

Our Live Band "RIP IT UP" take bookings to play at any Events and Festivals in the UK, Europe & Worldwide.  


"Please Mama Please"


"Red Hot"

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"RIP IT UP" Playing Live in Somerset in Aid of rising money for Cancer Research - The night went a blast..!

"RIP IT UP" Helped to rise £40753.33 on the night.

We was so delighted to receive great feed back from the event organiser who worked so hard rallying around making sure everything on the night ran smooth and that everybody was enjoying themselves.... And they totally did just that.


" We would just like to say a Big Big Thank You to Rip It Up for helping us rise £40753.33 for Cancer Research

You were simply just Brilliant "      

RIP IT UP Live Rockabilly Band UK

RIP IT UP - Rockabilly Band UK


Meet "RIP IT UP"

Rip It Up Live Rock and Roll, Rockabilly Band



"RIP IT UP" - Lead Vocals & Guitarist "Mutley" has been on the rock and roll / rockabilly circuit for many years. "Mutley" has travelled most of the UK and parts of Europe playing guitar along side some great bands until forming his very own band "RIP IT UP".

Over time "Mutley" as built the band from strength to strength that has led "RIP IT UP" to be signed to "Blue Bass Record Label" and releasing and publishing CD's.

"Mutley" has a talent for creating his own unique style when playing his guitar that gives a whole new feel to rock "n" roll / rockabilly songs that he just loves singing and playing.

"Mutley,s" love for 1950's music shows in his brilliant vocals and brilliant guitar playing.   

Best Female Double Bass Rip It Up, Little Miss Blue Bass

Little Miss Blue Bass


"RIP IT UP" - Upright Double Bass Player "Little Miss Blue Bass" is rock "n" roll / rockabilly though and though when it comes to slapping that bass.

"Little Miss Blue Bass" has been on the rock "n" roll circuit for many years and has played her double bass with "Darrel Higham", "Charlie Gracie", "Shane Fenton" (Alvin Stardust), "Marmalade", "Nashville Teens", "Manfred Mann's Earth Band" "J.C Caroll and the Members" (sound of the suburbs) and "Jackie Lynton" and many more to boot.

"Little Miss Blue Bass is also a signed artist with releases of solo albums & vinyl records that get played on many radio stations worldwide

"Little Miss Blue Bass" is first class and one power house when it comes to playing the bass.

Rip It Up Drummer Rockin Rich

Rockin Rich


"RIP IT UP" - Drummer "Rockin Rich" has travelled most of Europe drumming for some great bands over the years, playing nearly every single style you can play on the drums, from country, doo wop, swing, ska, heavy metal to punk rock, but his heart still always lies in 1950's rock "n" roll / rockabilly music.

"Rockin Rich" has been playing drums since the age of 7 and still loves what he does, he is a very energetic, talented and versatile drummer and a genuine lovely person.

Rich is a great asset to "Rip It Up" and puts hes heart and soul into making sure that every beat of the drums count.

What our customers are saying

We booked this band for our Wedding Reception after seeing them play live at Poole Goes Vintage in Dorset.

Me and my Husband are glad we did, as this band are truly fantastic. 

Jane & Peter Doe - Bournemouth